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Lighter, Stronger, Faster, Further, Higher. Sports men and women from weekend warriors to Olympic medallists rely on Kilwell products to enhance their performance, and recreational activities such as fishing, rowing, kayaking, dinghy sailing, sail boarding, paddle boarding, hanggliding, land sailing, and model aircraft and yacht building, all benefit from light weight, high strength Kilwell Fibretube tubing. (More details about our Sports and Recreation Tubing...)

1. Fishing

Kilwell Fibretube specialises in supplying niche market rod blanks for the worlds most discerning anglers. Using fibreglass, carbon fibre, nano enhanced resin systems and exclusive continuous nanofibre laminate layers, we lead the world in innovative blank design. Often copied, never equalled. (More details about our Fishing Rod Blanks)

1.1 Kilwell Fibretube specialises in niche market fishing rod blanks for the world's most discerning anglers.With over 100 different mandrel styles to work with, we manufacture everything from the finest of Fly rods, through to Spinning, Popper, Jigging, Heavy Salt Water Game and Surfcasting models. Our rod blank experts are experienced fishermen and the designs they produce find favour with anglers in many countries, so if you are a rod builder seeking 'something special' we can help you.

Our innovative blank laminates are complex combinations of materials, tapers and processes:

  • Fibres: Glass, Aramid, and standard, medium or high modulus Carbon fibres, chosen for the best ratio of stiffness, strength, weight and economy for each application. Fibres are placed in uni-directional, woven or bi-axial layers.
  • Fibre Direction: Fibres are aligned at several different angles to carry the bending, crushing, shear and torque loads at various points along the blanks.
  • Resins: Toughened thermosetting Epoxy resin, plain or nano-fibre enhanced for increased toughness.
  • Mandrels: More than 100 different mandrel models allow us to make fishing rod blanks to suit all fishing styles.
  • Patterns: Patterns are developed to fine tune the blank's bend characteristics from tip to butt. Basic principles can be calculated by computer but ultimate casting and fish-fighting properties can only be achieved with the subtle adjustments of our experienced and skilled designers.
  • Process: Production processes from pattern cutting to final inspection are carefully controlled to maintain Kilwell Fibretube's long standing reputation as market leaders in fishing rod design and manufacture.
  • Often Copied, Never Equalled

Our huge range of Fishing Rod blanks is too large to list on this site. Please detail your needs on our Custom Design form or contact us for more information, design assistance, or a prompt quotation.

2. On The Water

We have a vast range of products and extensive knowledge and experience covering yachting and boatbuilding composite tubing. Full details of our yachting tubes are in the Marine section of the site. Other water sport tubes that are enhanced by Kilwell's custom design excellence in custom design are all types of paddle shafts, windsurfing masts, rowing oars, model yacht masts and open ocean rowing oar shafts.

2.1 Yachting

From entry level to Olympic classes, America's Cup, Round the World racers and luxury yachts, Kilwell composite tubes fulfil a multitude of uses. Our appointment as exclusive supplier of Olympic class 49ER and Elliott 6 masts and numerous other classes worldwide is a testament to the depth of our mast tube design and manufacturing expertise. This expertise extends to Booms, Prods Spinnaker Poles, Tillers, Tiller Extensions, Stanchions, Rack Tubes, and various other structural applications.

Detailed information on our range of Masts, Booms and Spinnaker Poles can be found in the Marine section of our site.

2.2 Rowing

Kilwell Fibretube oar blanks and handles featured at the Olympics under the CROKER label. They are easy to spot as all Croker oars feature unique bright pink collars. Kilwell Fibretube manufacture sculling, rowing, and surf oars exclusively for Croker Oars Ltd.

2.3 Paddling

Kilwell export Kayak paddle shafts worldwide and our range of materials and sizes covers all levels of the sport. Our range of standard shafts is extensive but we can develop specific specifications for customers if required. Shafts for canoes and stand-up paddles are also produced.

Please detail your Paddle Shaft needs on our Custom Design form or contact us for more information, design assistance, or a prompt quotation.

3. On Land & Air

Hanggliders, land yachts, motorbike exhaust cans, components for racing cars including Formula 1, model aircraft and yachts, croquet mallet shafts, polo shafts and high jump crossbars are some other Kilwell Fibretube composite tubing sports applications.

If you have are seeking composite tubing for a sports application please detail your needs on our Custom Design form or contact us for more information, design assistance, or a prompt quotation.


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