Custom Design


Custom and partnership design solutions are our speciality and the ability to rapidly apply our diverse design, materials, tooling and manufacturing resources makes Kilwell Fibretube the natural choice to get your project moving without delay.

Although we have a huge number of specifications on file, the versatility of Roll Wrapped composite tubing can provide stiffness and strength precisely where it is required, eliminating excess weight and material costs. Our design software, coupled with long experience, allows us to generate new customised specifications that will meet the physical and cosmetic properties you require with the most cost effective use of materials.

Providing we can use existing mandrel sizes there are no tooling costs, and production runs can be from one-off to thousands of items.

If your tubing requirement is not covered in the information on our site, please detail your needs on our Custom Design form or contact us for more information, design assistance, or a prompt quotation.

Custom Design Form

To help us design the Best Price / Performance Solution for your application, please provide as much data as possible on the form below. In the absence of specific data please contact us and we will respond promptly to your inquiry.

  • Specific Diameter Requirements (mm):