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At Kilwell Fibretube we are proud to serve the Aviation Industry with all its different sectors. This would include products used in the Aerospace to UAV sector. This Industry demand high quality manufacturing with small tolerances. Kilwell Fibretube, with years of experience in this Industry is the one company for this type of composite manufacturing.…
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Automotive Industry Kilwell Fibretube is continually seeking ways to improve how composites can be used in the Automotive Industry. Kilwell Fibretube is capable of assisting new and existing customers with automotive enquiries from concept to prototype samples. Carbon Fibre has huge potential in the automotive industry. Already the bodies of high-end luxury cars are being…
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Mining & Engineering

Carbon Fibre in Mining Kilwell Fibretube is committed to introducing Carbon Fibre products to the Mining Industry. We believe that there are many applications in the Mining Industry that would benefit with the capabilities and strengths of Carbon Fibre. Our design people can assist you with your new designs and applications for the Mining Industry.…
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Defence Industry Kilwell Fibretube has been involved with designing and manufacturing Carbon Fibre tube products in the Defence Industry. Our manufacturing capabilities and timely output are highly regarded by our global customers. We supply a wide range of tubular composite products manufactured to specific standards set down by our customers for ultimate durability and strength.…
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