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If you are seeking carbon or glass fibre tubing for a marine application we will have an existing specification for your job or will be able to supply a custom design. Despite having several thousand specifications on our files, new designs are regularly required to provide the exact size and physical properties for a specific…
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The properties of composites make them the obvious choice for countless structural, electrical, chemical and architectural applications and Kilwell has experience in all of these fields. If you are seeking carbon or glass fibre tubing for an Industrial application one of the existing several thousand specifications on our files may be suitable, but if not…
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Sport & Recreation

Lighter, Stronger, Faster, Further, Higher. Sports men and women from weekend warriors to Olympic medallists rely on Kilwell products to enhance their performance, and recreational activities such as fishing, rowing, kayaking, dinghy sailing, sail boarding, paddle boarding, hanggliding, land sailing, and model aircraft and yacht building, all benefit from light weight, high strength Kilwell Fibretube…
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Consumer Goods

At Kilwell Fibretube we design and develop many different composite tubular products that are used in the Consumer sector. Products manufactured at Kilwell Fibretube are used by our customers globally. We have many years of experience in manufacturing different composite materials to our customer’s specification. The products are also used as parts of larger end…
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